Preview #5

"What's this? Preview? And it's suddenly at number 5? I'm confused!"

For updates that aren't big enough for devlogs, I usually post small previews on Patreon. These are for $2+ patrons over there, but this one's a quick update for a recent happening so it's fine for everyone.


Hello, just a quick update. Himig got to be a part of the Wholesome Direct a while ago. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Himig will be released around September 2020. Hurrah! I'll have a more specific date sometime soon. 💖

I'm still modeling a lot of things. There's a mini update a month ago for $2+ patrons that shows a few things that I've made, if you missed it. For now, here is a convenience store for everyone:

I've been in groceries too much as a kid and grew fond of randomly staring at products in it, so I wanted to model one.. but a grocery is too big for this game, so we'll have a convenience store instead.

I'm thinking of having the inside part as a separate location so I can have lots of little things inside. Maybe. That's why it's empty right now. 💨

Okay, time to go back to work. Look at the other games in the Wholesome Direct too!

Stay safe. See you next time. 🐰


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thank you for the release date, i can't wait to play the wholesome game, one more thing, what kind of graphics are there? my pc is really old so its really important to know about it,

anyway i can't wait to download it, have fun! :)

The game should work fairly well if your PC supports at least OpenGL 2.1. I don't think I'm doing anything too advanced graphics-wise, and I added a few options for lowering it in exchange for better performance since I'm working on a pretty low-end laptop myself. :P

thanks for the reply i do play highly graphics games on my mums pc so if it doesn't work on my pc i'll try in on mum's pc :)