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I've just learned about the game by watching the Summer Game Showcase.

I'm a blind gamer who just would like to have confirmed if the game will be blind accessible? You mentioned text to speech and audio description in the video.

If the game is going to be blind accessible, then feel free to reach out if you need any beta testers or anything else.

Hi! Thank you for watching the showcase.

Yes, my plan is for the game to be playable without vision when it releases.

I also plan to reach out to more people once I have a demo ready, so I can get some feedback and improve on things.

Where should I contact you? And do you have recommendations on where to look for people who would like to test the game out someday?

(You can reply here or at if you'd like to send it privately.)

this looks so cute ahhh

the game? When is it releasing.

There's no exact date right now since progress has been slow, but I'm working on it 🙇

Sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing you. I like the kind of everyday life-free world kind of games. I'm excited and wish you the best.

thanks for the release date

This is looking great

I'm really excited for this!