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on windows 7, v1.4 just shows the unity screen, then flashes light gray before dimming to a dark gray. old win 64 version works fine though...

EDIT: Nevermind, my Antivirus Quarantined a game file.


antivirus is the real monster

I really like this game, it's really cute ^^

Hope you'll do more games like this one ^w^

Thank you! We definitely will.. SOON....

very cute

Is this kid friendly? It looks really cool!! But I don't know if I can get it cause' I'm a kid! Thanks!!!! :D

There's.. a few bad things in there. :P

Oh ok NVM thanks though!

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This game is absolutely adorable! The shaky animations are so endearing. That was the greatest five minutes of my day!

Seems quite cute in a lot of ways, but the wobbly animation thing gets to me really badly! Specifically the speech box/bubbles and the text inside. The upper gui wobble is fine but man, the other stuff makes me seasick :<


Thank you! Ahaha, I was experimenting on how to make the UI feel a little more alive. Sorry about that. :P

I'm still getting the same error as Boltaanjistman, no buttons work in the select language screen, even after remapping all of them over and over. Any tips or help, please? :/ I can play the old one just fine but the newer one won't work.

Hello! Did you download the game just now? I updated it a while ago, and I'm quite sure I fixed it already.. can you try redownloading it? If it still happens, try waiting a few seconds before picking a language.


I downloaded the newest version now, and it works just fine! (though the language select takes a bit of time) Thank you a lot for the help! :D

I cant get past "select language"

It should be working now. :D

Allright! thanks. it works great. I still wonder what happened though.

It's really cool but I had to play the (old) version as v1.4 doesn't work for me ;_;


Sorry about that! Should be working now. :)


Awesome. Love the animations in this version!

Awesome game, but when I finished playing it I suddenly felt cold inside again. 7/10 for that, this hurts my no lifer feelings.


That game turned out really cute xD, i hope there are more games coming from you ^^


Very fun game, a few different ways it can go, I love the writing!

My playthrough here:

Super interesting concept and very thoughtful execution. Got one of the good ends my first time thru and am interested in seeing some of the darker ones. Thanks a ton for creating and sharing!

Glad you like it! :D

Eh.. help? I tried downloading the game, after launching it (Blurry Fix one) i saw the loading screen for just a fraction and it went white. After a small while, the start menu (i think?) appears for a fraction too, then it goes white and the music plays. When i click, the screen goes blue, then goes white again.. What did i do wrong? :/

Hi! Uploaded something that might fix it. Can you give it a try?

Yes, it works now! Thanks a lot

Yay! Have fun. :D


This is one of the best free games I have ever come across. It'll probably never happen, but I really hope you take this concept and turn it into a bigger game.


Thank you! There's always a chance. ;)


One of the best games I ever played on this site. It says a lot about nurturing relationships with others while managing your own needs and urges. Not sure if that was an intent, but I think this game did a good job illustrating that.

Oh hi, my real name's AHEM Nadine. Thank you for eating me.


This was the cutest thing! I love it!


This game is really cute. It's really short but I had a lot of fun. I really think it's about the right length.


Who cares for the kawaii caretaker?

Reverse-Tamagotchi. This is what drove me to try this game. After all, being around in the era of Tamagotchi and such devices, reversing the roles was an interesting concept to me. This game pulls it off, as well as throwing in a taste of dating-sim for a great experience.

The graphics style is fantastic, with a hand-drawn sort of feel to it. Sounds are great, although a little more music would've helped a little. Controls and game play are both pretty straight forward. I got the love ending (I think...), so I can't wait to see how the other endings play out.

I think you pulled off the reverse-Tamagotchi concept in great fashion. Nice job!

Thanks for playing! :)

I can only seem to get the eat, poison, and love do I get the other endings in the game?

if you mix up how you act towards her for until the end of the day, ex you leave angry at you every day with no hearts then you'll get a different ending

Game is awesome. The soundtrack is sooo... good, where I can download it?

Thanks! Here it is.


This was really good! I had a lot of fun with it. I'd love to see more :)

Hey I was wondering if you'd be interested in having a voice actor for the game.
I'm just starting out and would love to be part of this game

let me know what you think and thanks

How do you make these games??

You gotta believe


I looove this! You should totally make so they can go out! I loooove it.

I loved this game, Nadine is very cute <3

How can i get the poison ending? D:


Gotta make her eat the thing that looks like a thing


I absolutely love this game it's sooooooo good thank you so much onionblaze

<3 <3

You have inspired me to make games

and I literally made this account for this gam

Oh wow! Looking forward to playing your future games. :D


Here's the page for the game me and my friends are making

Hey there, i played your game for my channel :) -

Thank you for playing! :D


I loved playing this game, it was so adorable!

Glad you like it! :)

Are you going to make a sequel with more happy endings?!?!?1?!??!?1?1?!/1/11?/!?1?1??!?!?1?!?/

And if Nadine is not in there,I'm out.







I played it! :D You're the same devs from Meowtastic Present Panic. What happened to ApplePaddle's Twitter?

Also what's the fourth ending I wanna put it in my next video. :3 Here's ep 1:

Thank you for playing! Ah, she just changed her username.

That's either.. the normal one or the poison one. ;)

Simply Amazing.
You took a great and simple concept and made a great game out of it.
I must say one of the endings quite surprised me!
Good Job!


Thanks! :)

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This is very cute, Although I'm confused which should I Download?

I Use windows BTW ^v^

I Can't wait to play this!

Ahh, sorry about that! Download the one called "Hitogotchi v1.3.5 Win32 Blurry". :)

Thanks!, just played the game and WOW am I impressed!

but are there any other endings besides the love one?

i've only encountered Love, Poison and when you eat her ahahahaha xD

BTW How old is the monster :D?

Yup! there's one more.

I'm guessing around the same age as Nadine. .3.


Thank you for the game, it was really fun, I also made a video on it

Nice, thanks for playing! :D

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First, I must say; I went in fully expecting the game to turn dark at after a few seconds, but was greeted with a very delightful, and cutely drawn antithesis game. The art style is amazingly simplistic and also very vibrant and well animated, I personally wish to learn how you draw like this. Bravo, You've gained my heart and support.

Thank you! You should definitely check out more of Apple's art and tell this to her also. ;)

I missed this one during the last LD voting period, but the post-compo version is really nice! The art is so cute :)

Thank you! :D

Hi! I'm new to this and probably missed something, but every time I try to open the game it says that windows can't access it, so I was wondering if I had to have something else downloaded in order for this to work

Hello! You don't need anything else in order for it to work.
What OS are you using? You may send a screenshot to me (

This game is adorable!! I really like the idea behind it~ And the art is so nice!!! Lovely animations. Although I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest because it was blurry for some reason?? I tried changing resolutions and played on the highest settings but nothing changed. :'< Any idea how to fix it?


Thank you! Glad you like it. :D I haven't experienced the blurriness issue, but I uploaded a version that might've fixed it. Will you try it out and see if it works?


Yes, that fixed it, thank you!! >v<

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