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this is a wholesome game! :D

So cutee!!

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Hey if youre intrested i could write a german translation


I can't select a language, the screen is not working... ;(


This is just too cute and i don't know why. I am not the type of person have visible or moreover audible expressions to things like this, but this was an exception.

Sadly can't get past the language screen. Even with the newer version.

You should make each scenario an ending.


I really liked this game hehe I wish there were more like it that I could play:)


Hello fellow BJ alex fan uwu

Ah I see you're a man of culture as well


This game made a android version?

The game doesn't have a mobile version. Sorry! 🙇

Same problem +1

Fixed it now; Let me know if there's any problems ( ´ ▽ ` )b


i have the same problem as TheToxic8 and would love to play the newer version


Wanted to play it but can't get past select language screen...


i cant even open the game. can some one help me with that?


I love the game! The art was nice and the animation is nice and smooth! I kept saying no on the bad parts. :p Buut I don't know how to get ending 3 T3T I only got 2 endings so far


Thank you! The 3rd ending is a mini joke ending from picking a certain choice in one of the days. :P


Ah, I see :p



Can't get past the "Select Language" screen


very cute!!!! had a ton of fun


Does anyone know if Hitoplus is on hiatus or canceled? I remembered this game recently and figured I'd see if there's anything new on it but so far I've found nothing.



Hungary translation?


not a bad game! though bad ending's way too easy to get, good ending's alright, and middle ending is just basically click anything but "eat her". I kinda hoped making her angry every day but there doesn't seem to be an ending like that


This VN has a very eerie atmosphere and immediately put me on edge. The short play time felt much longer. But that's just a good thing imo, considering the protagonist we're dealing with and how easy it is to slip up and get a bad ending...

The one thing I would suggest (for future releases?) is adding an option to fast-forward through text one already has read.

Mission Success the babysitter has been smashed but I refuse to dash

This is such a cool little concept im glad I found it would definitely be down to play something like this again

Very cute, just wish it was longer


thank you, i will never look at a tamagotchi the same    ! not mad abt it tho


Very cute game, i would like to help you traslate to hebrew! <3

The post-compo version crashes on Linux (core dump after the configuration window), but I was able to play the Windows version on Linux by running it with Wine.


This game is so cute i love it so much

Thanks Onion and Apple for making it <3

Thank you for playing! <3

Are you guys planning on adding a Brazilian Portuguese translation? I would love to help translating the game to my native language, I loved it!

Sure! Please email me at arwynsilva [at] :)


its beautiful and it makes me uncomfortable


Love it! Please make more of these tamagotchi-like Brothers Grimm fairytale VN/Pet games~


Amazing game! It was short and simple but it still had a very creepy vibe. Definitely a game I'll remember.


I'm glad to see that you worked even more on this fantastic "Tamagotchi"-like game with its intriguing narrative. <3 In my opinion it would have deserved  a much better scoring in the Ludum Dare 33, but eh, what do I know, right? ;> I loved the art style as well and I think, it really has some potential to be transformed into a larger game. :) Thank you very much for this game, which I happily recommendedon our blog as well as uploaded a little gameplay video of it. <3 Keep it up!

Best wishes,

Hello... I've seen Hitogotchi's Spanish translation and I've noticed there are some things that are wrong in it.

I hope you can fix this soon, maybe you could ask a native Spanish speaker to help you with it.

is there a mobile version for android?

Not yet, sorry! Maybe someday, once we've dabbled a bit more into mobile games.

This is so awesome. It made me so happy! :D

who is the monster really? hehehehe

Hey mane, that was a good game :) Can I translate it to Italian?

Fantastic game. Loved the background art and the song in particular, they were thematically on-point.

i love the game.

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