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UPDATE 3/1/17:

UPDATE 6/9/16:

UPDATE 12/18/15: Post-compo version (v1.3.5) uploaded. Changes:

  • New art by ApplePaddle! Animated portraits even! There's a few CGs in there, too.
  • Slight bugfixes; No more magical lags at the start!
  • Correct Japanese! Now everyone, including me, will be confused of the title.

For Ludum Dare 33, with the theme "You Are the Monster".

The idea was supposed to be a reversed Tamagotchi, where you ask for things to the person taking care of you. Somewhere along the way, I got too into dialogues so.. this happened.

I was planning to join the compo, but then I haven't even written any dialogues during the last few hours, so I ended up in the jam instead.

Still fun though. Hope you like it!

P.S. You might get some lag at the start for magical reasons.


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Hitogotchi v1.5 Windows.zip 19 MB
Hitogotchi v1.5 Mac.zip 32 MB
Hitogotchi v1.5 Linux.zip 33 MB
Hitogochi_Win 32.zip (Old) 10 MB
Hitogochi_Win 64.zip (Old) 12 MB
Hitogochi_Mac.zip (Old) 23 MB
Hitogochi_Linux.zip (Old) 23 MB
Hitogochi_Source.unitypackage (Old) 3 MB


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thank you, i will never look at a tamagotchi the same    ! not mad abt it tho


Very cute game, i would like to help you traslate to hebrew! <3

The post-compo version crashes on Linux (core dump after the configuration window), but I was able to play the Windows version on Linux by running it with Wine.


This game is so cute i love it so much

Thanks Onion and Apple for making it <3

Thank you for playing! <3

Are you guys planning on adding a Brazilian Portuguese translation? I would love to help translating the game to my native language, I loved it!

Sure! Please email me at arwynsilva [at] gmail.com. :)

its beautiful and it makes me uncomfortable


Love it! Please make more of these tamagotchi-like Brothers Grimm fairytale VN/Pet games~

Amazing game! It was short and simple but it still had a very creepy vibe. Definitely a game I'll remember.


I'm glad to see that you worked even more on this fantastic "Tamagotchi"-like game with its intriguing narrative. <3 In my opinion it would have deserved  a much better scoring in the Ludum Dare 33, but eh, what do I know, right? ;> I loved the art style as well and I think, it really has some potential to be transformed into a larger game. :) Thank you very much for this game, which I happily recommendedon our blog as well as uploaded a little gameplay video of it. <3 Keep it up!

Best wishes,

Hello... I've seen Hitogotchi's Spanish translation and I've noticed there are some things that are wrong in it.

I hope you can fix this soon, maybe you could ask a native Spanish speaker to help you with it.

is there a mobile version for android?

Not yet, sorry! Maybe someday, once we've dabbled a bit more into mobile games.

This is so awesome. It made me so happy! :D

who is the monster really? hehehehe

Hey mane, that was a good game :) Can I translate it to Italian?

Fantastic game. Loved the background art and the song in particular, they were thematically on-point.

i love the game.

Hey, I love this game and you got to know that!  Please make more of this game because it is one of my favorite games.  I would like for you to add on to the love ending. Thanks for the great game!


The art style is nice the story is great what not to love about it :D

Hay algunos errores ortográficos en la traducción al español. Por ejemplo en la parte donde dice vallas. Cuando en verdad debería decir vayas. Aparte de esos errores totalmente comprensibles, todo esta bien.


It was a real shortie; I could only give it an ironic review as to pore deep into it would offend each of your readers who have adopted a very high opinion of it. Kratzen gave it three stars, the “good” rating, because it is good, and you clearly know how to make a thing such.

I don’t believe this is a dry well; but after two years and with interest waning, you’ll have to work harder to earn another hit. Here’s my advice to you. You’re in a rare spot where you are not an expert and barely an amateur, so for other developers, you can do an extraordinary job of teaching them the struggles of where you are now.

Make as many development logs and post-mortems as you can, but do it on a respectable website like Gamasutra. Tumblr and Twitter are dead on arrival for developers. Build a legacy, and keep hustling. Basic stuff. But you know how few developers do this, eh?

Awesome game went though 3 different ending lol :D

This game was so awesome! I felt like I made a real connection, and I was a pretty good monster!


this is a cute game. rlly like it :))))


Thank you! :D

It was short but i loved it. I loved the reactions that Nadine had and the good ending (falling in love with her), was just the best, I can't wait for Hito+, but I have a question, will it be free or do we will need to pay?

Great game 4/5 stars just because it was too short


Thank you very much! We're planning for a commercial release, and currently thinking about the possibility of crowdfunding sometime this year. :)

yay! I will see if I can donate money in any way, but if not, I will be very glad of buying it. Wish you the best!


Thanks! Your support gives us life. <3

Wow, this game was so nice! The character designs and UI are really cute. I love the way everything bobs around a little bit.


Thank you! <3

How's the expanded version coming along? Can't wait to play that one and wish that I have a life even more.

Life got in the way, unfortunately. :(
We just posted a little something about it right here though! :)

can you please make an new version for linux?

Sure! Just give me a few days; I'll get into adding some more languages also. :P

(Also, nice name)


uhh that name is not to copy my steam user how i always do and everyone thinks is based on creepypatsa

Think I originally saw this posted on the Ludum Dare site for Jam 33. Shame I didnt check it out when it was fresh for the Larry Does Ludum Series. The game has a nice charm too it, just wish that there were some more dialogue options or paths you could go down. Along with maybe some sinister noises when the evil voice wants you to eat your caretaker.

Either or I showcased Hitogotchi as a part of my Valentines Day Special this year. So cheers gents.

Thanks for playing! We'll definitely add more paths in the expanded version. ;)

Hello community! :D

I recently did a video on this game, covering the best ending of the game!

So far, I absolutely loved it! The art style was also incredible!

To the developer, I'd kindly want to request of you to watch the video and give me feedback! :D After all, it is your game and I believe you could give me quite a good feedback on how you think it turned out as a video!

Thank you so much! <3

Hey, thanks for playing! Had fun watching your playthrough of it. :D

Ayyy! I'm glad to hear that :3


Glad you like it! :D

I really love this game. What program did you use to make is game?

Thank you! It's made in Unity. :)

Thank you for replying me.

I really liked this game. It's cute and gives you a little bit of a challenge.

PLAYED LOVED it (sorry about the caps but im tooo lazy to change it) made a video, congratulations you created one amazing game

here´s the link to my gameplay


aaaw so cute. loved the game

This is amazing, the only thing that could make it better is being able to see the monsters face, i wanna draw him so badly ;-;


We showed the characters' designs right here actually! :D


>~< ah, hes so beautiful, i will definately be drawing him in the future


This is an absolutely adorable game. The character design for Nadine/art is general is so precious. I really loved the whole concept! You did a really good job, and I'm very excited for the expanded version!

Thank you so much! <3

(1 edit)

There's an expanded version?! Yasss

Nice game, do you need an Spanish translation?

Thank you! Send me an e-mail at veggiestewgames@gmail.com. :)


Duuuude, it's so cool that I even made an itch.io account to write that!


..and thank you for taking the time to! <3

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