This game was created for Ludum Dare 37, with the theme "One Room". You can find (and rate) our game jam page here! (and bee sure to tell us your scores!)


Your queen is moving into a new hive!

Pack your (and the other lazy bees') things and get buzzing, or else you'll get left beehind!


When in the hive:

WASD/Arrow keys - Move

Spacebar/Z - Pick up/Throw/Drop items

When at the cart:

Click - Select and move boxes

Right Click - Rotate selected box

The Real Credits (because someone forgot to edit)

@OnionBlaze - Programmer, Audio Composer

@mansagwan - Artist

@grim_toaster - Artist


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A Buzzy Bee - Windows 31 MB
A Buzzy Bee - Mac 45 MB
A Buzzy Bee - Linux 43 MB


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I'm having a lot of fun with this =) The periodic rearranging of items solved my early misfiring problems (I seem to throw things at corners a lot and then have trouble getting them back out), and now I think my aim is getting a bit better =P

Yeah, looks like the collider for the boxes are too small :P Glad you're liking it, in any case! :D